Our customers are fully protected

Our customers are fully protected and in constant contact with our personal assistance and customer care services. Our office has staff that can serve the visitor at any time in the field of transport services as well as in the field of information with physical presence or by telephone and electronic media of communication, social media, emai, etc. You are not alone.


Photo Session

We can serve you a personal photographer for a 3 hours photosession with 80 photos in digital format in 3 places of your choice in Santorini including car-transfer with a charge of €200 .

However you can always book your transfer/tour enjoying Santorini”s benefits by pressing the button bellow.

Customer service policy

We undertake that our customer service policy respects the following faithfully and assures you that we are committed to your service without having to deal with security issues, or difficulty of getting in touch with our drivers. All our vehicles have professional drivers that respect your rights and understand your needs.

alarm monitoring center operator

Personal Massage

We can serve you a therapeutic or muscle relaxing massage or reinforcement and recovery massage from a formal and licensed physiotherapist in your place.

For all the above you can contact us by pressing the button bellow and everything can easily be regulated

In Case of Delay

Call us at our phones +30-6972287072 or 22860-85203 to give you some guidelines and solve your problem.

Personal Guidance

If you are alone or you want some guidance to your first steps on the island we can serve a well known guide for three ours with a charge of €80.

Personal Tennis Trainner

Tennis training and lessons are a perfect activitie on vacation in Santorini. There are facilities where visitors can enjoy playing tennis. We can serve you with an official tennis teacher with charge of €40 an hour, or you can enjoy your play with your partner or with a well trained tennis player of our club with a charge of €30 an hour.

Night Life Experience

Nightlife of Santorini is exciting with many choices in entertainment and in excellent quality restaurants. We can book you in a tasteful restaurant with exquisite views of the caldera or the most famous club of the island with excellent outdoor decoration for an unforgettable and until early morning entertainment.

As you look forward to your departure, we provide services and facilities for the transportation and safety of your luggage, no matter how big they may be.

Baggage Carts

The baggage carts system in the terminal ensures cart availability for your convenience.

Bulky Items

You can check Bulky luggage at your airlines regular check in counter.

Lost and Found

Airlines and their respective ground-handling agents will be happy to assist you in locating your missing belongings. For further assistance, please contact the appropriate airline/ground handlers.

For items left on the aircraft please contact your airline directly.

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